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How to Form a Feminism Club

1. Find a teacher sponsor 

Who — a trusted adult that will support your endeavors. 

2. Create a mission statement

Purpose — guides decision-making and helps explain organization goals to potential members. 

Brainstorm — think of words that represent group/or group's values.

3. Recruit Members

How — email peers, make a public announcement, send out an online or physical sign up, create posters.

Diversity Focus — Seek out leadership with students of different races, genders, and abilities.

Initial Steps: About Us

Example Mission & Email to Students

The Mission

Mission Statement


Email to Student Body

Initial Steps: Take Action

Club Name

How — brainstorm with members by crafting a list of ideas.  

Still Stuck — think of something that all of your club members have in common; Use thesaurus to say something ordinary in a more interesting way; Choose a name from a book.

Examples — Queen Bees, Femme Fatale, She Devils, Fierce Femmes, Slay Sisters, Glitz and Blitz, War of Women.  Feminism Club, Gender Equality Club, Equal Rights Club   

Initial Steps: Text
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